Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I’ve had a really eventful few weeks.  I have to admit, the wheels fell off several times, and I’ve had to put them back on.  I have gone through a mini mid life crisis, but have somehow found my way out of it.

My little crisis was fed by different issues:

1. My little one bedroom unit was very cluttered with books, magazines and craft stuff.  There wasn’t room to move, and I found it very frustrating.

2. I am sick of being alone and so am trying to draw my twin soul to me, but it wasn’t happening.  I wasn’t sure why and that was frustrating me as well.

3.  Being honest, I really don’t like where I live.  It’s cold, damp, and not in the nicest of neighbourhoods.  This was also frustrating me.

4.  I was just floating along, with no plan of where I was going.  I just dealt with each day as it came along and hoped for the best.

I didn’t realise, but all four issues were interwoven.  I was not going to draw my twin soul while my unit was so cluttered and “un-homely”.  I needed a plan to deal with all those things and help start and put things right.

As soon as I recognised that I needed a plan, I tried to sort out how and why.  I very quickly came to the conclusion that I needed help.  I have never been taught how to set goals or how to work towards them.  If I was to sort out my life and become a successful arty business person, then I needed to learn how to set and work towards those goals.

Enter Goddess Leonie – stage right. Smile I had heard of Goddess Leonie, and had listened to all the podcasts and watched all the videos from her World’s Biggest Summit late last year.  That summit set the ball rolling.  I new Goddess Leonie did life coaching, so I went to her website to find out more.  I then found out about her awesome Goddess Circle.  So I joined – right then and there on the spot.

It’s the best thing I ever did.  It was a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve managed to come down with a chest infection since then and been out of action for a week.  But I’ve started working on Goddess Leonie’s e-course on decluttering your home and creating your goddess sanctuary.  So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve mostly done the bedroom.  I had been sleeping in a single bed that was given to me 12 months ago.  That very definitely had to go.  Not giving the universe the right idea.  If I wanted to draw my Twin Soul, I had to get a bigger bed.  So I went to Salvation Army and found a nice queen ensemble which was delivered yesterday.  Still haven’t got rid of the single bed (Salvation Army wouldn’t take it for whatever reason), but I will take it out to the recycle shop at the tip as soon as I can find someone who can help me.

I cleared out 3 boxes of books, some garbage bags of assorted other things, which are all going to a friend’s place.  She and another lady run a garage sale every 4 months or so and the money goes to helping the orphans in Cambodia.  Hopefully those things will be picked up over the weekend.  Then I can start on the rest of the unit.

As I was sorting through things I found some items that belonged to my late husband.  I quickly put those in the donate pile.  One of the items I found was our wedding ring set.  It was a cheap set from Walmart (yes, I lived in the US for 2 years but returned home when he passed on).  I took that to St Vincent de Paul today.  The lady was a bit shocked but when I explained that it was time to move on she totally understood.

If I am to attract my Twin Soul, then I have to let go of the past and allow myself to move forward.  Hanging onto bits for memories sake is holding onto the past.  So I have come a long way this weekend.

This will be an ongoing journey, and hopefully next time I will have some pictures to share.

Namaste <3

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