Monday, April 30, 2012

Ready to Stitch

A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me some beautiful clothing grade buffalo leather scraps, enough to make some medicine bags out of.  I haven’t done anything with it yet as I was missing some tools.  The leather is tanned the traditional way, without the use of chemicals.  I’m not sure of the process, but it does make a really lovely leather.

So I went into one of the local saddlers to get some waxed thread and 2 needles, which cost me $12.  He seemed very put out that I had not bought the leather from him.  He showed me some of his leather, which was no where near as nice as the leather my friend gave me.  He also had no respect for the leather nor the animal it came off of.  Some of the leather was just dumped on the floor and more was thrown on shelving.

This attitude is common in farming communities.  Animals are seen as goods to be used.  They are not respected as living breathing creatures who have feelings and who think, just the same as we do.

Needless to say, I won’t be shopping there again.  I will buy my leather online from people I know who respect the animal and want to honour the animal’s spirit, from people who use no chemicals in the production of their leather.  I will also buy my other supplies online too.  I will not financially support someone who’s attitude is stuck in the middle ages, which his is.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taking the next step


I have been offering free readings on my Facebook Fan Page and doing readings on a couple of groups for some time now.  After receiving a lot of positive feedback in that time, and after much thought, I have decided to start offering paid readings on my Fan Page, Moonlit Meadows.

This is an exciting step for me.  I grew up in fairly conservative churches and a very conservative family where any sort of psychic ability was seen as a gift from the devil.  However, they were quite willing to talk about the gift of prophecy, which is exactly the same thing in my opinion.

Tarot was easy for me to delve into.  I am an artist and love the artwork on the cards.  And it seemed to me to be a great self-development tool, which is what I use it for in my own personal readings for myself.  I find it easy to use the pictures as a starting point, it seems to unlock that door to my intuition and I just say/type what I feel is there.  I don’t hear voices, I don’t see things.  I just get a really strong feeling about something.

I’ve had different Tarot decks over the last few years, but have gotten rid of all of them except my Legacy of the Divine Tarot, which I love but find it hard to read from.  I recently bought a deck of the Deviant Moon Tarot.  I find this incredibly easy to read from and this is the one I do all my readings from.  I am sure I will one day have a large collection of Tarot and Oracle Cards, they are all so beautiful.

I am offering a 2 card reading for $5 and a 3 card reading for $6.  I won’t do questions about love, romance and soul mates.  For more information please see the Note on my Page, Moonlit Meadows

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bead Woven Rings

This afternoon I sat down and made a couple of bead woven rings.  So much fun to make, and these are interesting because the beads are not uniform size.


I will be putting them up for sale in my Etsy shop next week.

My life this last year or so has been really interesting.  I am currently living in govt housing, which I’m not real keen on – okay, I hate it.  I’m in a one bedroom unit that faces south and doesn’t get any direct sunlight.  It is always cold, especially in winter.  My neighbours seem to have a fondness for loud music, and not just one lot of neighbours either.  But I have to admit is is better than it was.  I’ve been here 10 months now.  I figure if I can cope with living here than I can cope with anything.

I am looking for a private rental, out of Orange which is where I live now.  I am looking in a small town 20 minutes from here called Molong.  It’s a lovely little town, and I have good friends who live there.  I have been looking for a nice 3 bedroom house with a nice big yard where I can have a dog and some chooks and a vege patch.  There isn’t anything available at the moment but the right place will turn up at the right time.

In preparation for moving I gave up my job.  I was working part time at a job I enjoyed.  I was a little sad to go, but it paves the way for bigger and better things to come along.

Giving up my job has enabled me to start creating again.  At this point in time I will not be doing any sewn creations.  I am looking at bead weaving, dream catchers, and medicine bags.  And I will talk about all of that in another blog post.

I really appreciate my readers (do I have any yet?).  Would you please leave a comment and let me know you were here.  Thank you so much.  Mwah <3

Ammonite Ring


One of my friends here in Orange owns and runs a crystal shop called “Worldly Treasures”.  I have bought quite a few bits a pieces from her.  Today I spoilt myself and bought this beautiful Ammonite Ring.  It fitted perfectly, so it came home with me.

I am only just starting to wear rings again.  I haven’t worn any since my husband crossed over 8 years ago and I stopped wearing my wedding ring.  And a fossil ring isn’t something I would have normally picked for myself.  Another friend of mine bought an Ammonite necklace also from Worldly Treasures.  I haven’t seen it in person yet, only a photo on Facebook.  The information that she had put with the photo was fascinating, and I decided that this was a stone I needed to have in some sort of jewellery.

I found the following information on a blog here.  It was copied from somewhere else but that somewhere else doesn’t exist anymore.  So here is the info:

“Not only is Ammonite important in Western civilization, but in Eastern culture as well. In the Orient, they call Ammonite the 'Kirin Stone', because the color pattern of the stone is similar to the scales of the auspicious mythical beast called the Kirin. The beast had the body of a deer, with the face and scales of a dragon. This creature is meant to bring good fortune and luck to all who see it.

Particularly important are the many colors of Ammonite. The multiple layers of color inside the stone is what creates the sparkling radiance. By examining the stone, one will see the seeds of seven distinct colors: ruby crimson, fiery orange, amber yellow, emerald green, jade, azure, and mauve. Hence, it has been appropriately named the 'Seven Color Prosperity Stone' by some Feng Shui masters.

From a Feng Shui perspective (the art of harmonizing nature) each color of Ammonite represents a different meaning. For example, Crimson stimulates growth and energy; Orange generates creativity, and increased libido; Green improves wisdom, intellect, and promotes entreprenerialship; and Yellow improves wealth. It is believed that the best combination of color for the stone is red, green, and yellow, for it represents a balance and signifies growth and richness. Other Feng Shui effects of the stone include the reversing of negatives into positives, and the reduction of the body's toxicity. It also promotes the flow of Ch'i (life force) through the body, enhancing wellbeing. Not only does it bring balance to the person's body, but also to that person's surroundings as well, such as the home or office. When the stone is placed in the home, it promotes a happy family, and when it is placed in the office, it promotes good business dealings. In essence, anyone who finds or possesses one of the stones is entitled to wondrous prosperity and fortune.

Also wrapped in the Ammonite is a harmonious balance of nature's five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Therefore, Ammonite possesses special Feng Shui ability, expanding forces, and power. To those who possess it, and when placed in the household, brings balance and harmony to the home. Because all five elements are represented and compatible in Ammonite, it preordains the stone's auspiciousness.

From a scientific perspective, Ammonite is the fossilized rainbow-colored remains of a nautilus-like creature that existed over 70 million years ago, thus making it the oldest gemstone we know of today. The Feng Shui masters believe that because it is such an old gemstone with an organic origin, it has absorbed the plasmic energy from the universe since the beginning of time. The universe's forces follow the Ammonite's spiral from the periphery toward the center. And this centrifugal energy will then be radiated back through the stone, generating invisible spiritual, spiraling, and perpetual movements, bringing its owners health, wealth, and enlightenment.”

It is also good for resolving past life issues, and when it is worn as jewellery it enhances your beauty.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bead Weaving with Peyote


One of the many crafts I’ve tried over the years (and trust me, there’s been a lot) is bead weaving.  I loved it, but at that time (about 7 years ago now) didn’t have the patience for it.  Now I do.  I’ve pulled out my beads and had a look at some YouTube videos to remind me of the different stitches.

My first piece, which isn’t quite finished, is a bracelet using Peyote Stitch.


This photo was taken yesterday morning.  I am using purple and silver size 11 delica beads.  The pattern is a diagonal stripe, a really easy one at that.  It was a good pattern to stitch to get my hand and eye back in.

I really enjoy just sitting and doing handwork.  For me it is like meditation.  As I do it more I will get quicker at it, and the patterns I do will get more complicated.  At the moment I am using the supplies I have on hand.  I do have coming from a seller on Etsy a box full of beads, threads, some leather, lots and lots of patterns, and a beading loom.  I am so excited and can’t wait to get it.  I will soon have some items ready to list in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Give Away

Moonlit Meadows is my Fan Page on Facebook.  It’s a small but growing community.  So far I have been just sharing lovely quotes, sharing photos from other amazing artists, and providing free one card readings once a week for people.  I have been having a wonderful time.
I am in the process of starting to prepare for my first market night which will happen at the end of Winter, date to be announced.  I am combining with a couple of local friends of mine and we are going to run a one day market on Facebook.  It will be lots of fun and there will be lots of goodies up for grabs.
And even though I am still trying to find a rental, I have decided to continue crafting rather than just packing it all away.  So over the next week or so I will be reacquainting myself with bead weaving.  I will also be making more dream catchers and some leather medicine bags.  I am working on getting my Etsy shop up and running as well.  Which leads me to the give away.
Everyone loves a give-away!  I am offering a 10 card tarot reading when I reach 500 fans over on my Facebook page.  Here’s how to enter.
1. Go and like my page and come back here and comment that you like my page.  This will get you one entry.
2. Share this blog post on your wall and tag Moonlit Meadows in it.  Please change the settings on that one post to “Everyone” so that it appears on Moonlit Meadow’s wall.  Come back here and comment that you’ve done this.  This will get you another entry.
3.  Blog about this on your blog.  Put a link to this blog post on your blog post.  Come back here and comment with a link to the blog post.  This will get you a third entry.
You can share this blog post as many times as you like, but you will only get one entry per day.  So good luck and happy sharing.

Added 29/4/12:  I am sweetening the deal.  Where there are 20 comments on this blog post I will be gifting a medicine bag made from buffalo leather.  Photos coming later today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Native American Crafts on Etsy

One of my passions in life is the crafts and culture of the Native Americans.  I love their philosophy, their connection to Mumma Earth, and their respect for all creatures.  I love how they use parts of the animals in their crafts as a way of honouring that animal, whether it’s feathers from a bird, leather hide from a buffalo, or the bones of a coyote.  I love that respect that they have.
I already make dream catchers.  And I plan on making more Native American inspired crafts.  But I have most of my crafting supplies packed ready to move. So there is no crafting here until after I move, well, except for my knitting that is.
Here is a Native American Treasury I created on Etsy.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please click on the picture to go to the Treasury on Etsy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Deviant Moon Tarot

A few weeks ago on Facebook a friend of mind posted a link to get a signed copy of the Deviant Moon Tarot.  This is a deck I’ve been eyeing off for quite a while, and so I took the opportunity to order it.  I received it today.  It’s such a beautiful deck of cards, I’m so glad I bought it.



First of all, the box came wrapped in this original one of a kind piece of artwork.  It is hand-drawn on ordinary brown kraft paper.


This is the outside of the box.


This is the Tarot spread sheet that comes with the deck.  You can see that it is signed by the artist.


This card is a bit bigger than a business card.  It is blank on the back.


Blank…ready for the artist to sign it.


This is the actual box the cards come in.  It lives inside the bigger box.  You can see the artwork on the flaps, and the artists signature as well.


This is the Death card.  I like it.  There’s that hint that there is life after death.


4 of Wands and Ace of Cups


6 of Pentacles and Page of Swords

I really love this deck.  I’ve never owned anything like this before.  I will treasure this deck above all others for a very long time.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Welcome to my new blog.  This is a sanctuary, where you can come and view lovely art made by various people, read reviews, and learn about pagan ways.

I plan on having guest bloggers, featured artists, and lots of fun give-aways, challenges and links to some other cool and amazing sites.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, and be blessed.