Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taking the next step


I have been offering free readings on my Facebook Fan Page and doing readings on a couple of groups for some time now.  After receiving a lot of positive feedback in that time, and after much thought, I have decided to start offering paid readings on my Fan Page, Moonlit Meadows.

This is an exciting step for me.  I grew up in fairly conservative churches and a very conservative family where any sort of psychic ability was seen as a gift from the devil.  However, they were quite willing to talk about the gift of prophecy, which is exactly the same thing in my opinion.

Tarot was easy for me to delve into.  I am an artist and love the artwork on the cards.  And it seemed to me to be a great self-development tool, which is what I use it for in my own personal readings for myself.  I find it easy to use the pictures as a starting point, it seems to unlock that door to my intuition and I just say/type what I feel is there.  I don’t hear voices, I don’t see things.  I just get a really strong feeling about something.

I’ve had different Tarot decks over the last few years, but have gotten rid of all of them except my Legacy of the Divine Tarot, which I love but find it hard to read from.  I recently bought a deck of the Deviant Moon Tarot.  I find this incredibly easy to read from and this is the one I do all my readings from.  I am sure I will one day have a large collection of Tarot and Oracle Cards, they are all so beautiful.

I am offering a 2 card reading for $5 and a 3 card reading for $6.  I won’t do questions about love, romance and soul mates.  For more information please see the Note on my Page, Moonlit Meadows

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