Monday, May 7, 2012

Crystal Skulls

I have to say, skulls and all things gothic are not exactly things that turn me on.  I think more because I didn’t understand what skulls, especially crystal skulls, really meant.  It’s only that I spend so much time with my friend who owns Worldly Treasures that I have started to have an appreciation of the crystal skulls.  At first it was the workmanship that goes into them.  And then Giuliana started to explain to me what they actually represented.

They have a similar meaning to what the Death Tarot card has.  Death and rebirth.  To bring something new into your life something has to leave, or die, for that to happen.  The skulls are the same.  They represent that very natural cycle of death and rebirth.  Interesting that it is currently autumn here, a time of dying.

A few weeks ago Giuliana got this lovely skull in.  He spoke to me so clearly I had to put him on layby.


Spoke is an understatement.  After I put him on layby, every time I went into the shop after that I would end up with my left ear blocked, like I had lots of wax in it.  Happened a few times.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and I finally put two and two together.  He wanted to come home.  So now he is home, and we are both very happy.

He is made from a piece of Travertino Alhombro Quartz, and his name is Merlin.  His properties are self healing, flexibility, magic and protection, allowing oneself to be open and non judgmental, grounding yourself, success and prosperity.  No wonder he needed to come home with me.


  1. He is beautifully crafted, one of the best ive seen so far, this often puts me off with alot of the skulls, they look cheap and roughly made...like poor copies of the originals...so it has to be a very special skull to attract me in the first place...but perhaps that is the sculptor in me being crytical LOL...

    1. Thank you. The lady who owns Worldly Treasures where I buy all my crystals only ever gets the best in. She is really pedantic with quality and won't stock anything that isn't top quality.