Sunday, May 27, 2012


Recently I dragged out my Runes and started using them again.  I’m by no means proficient, but I love the depth that Runes have.  I’ve added a Rune to the readings that I do, as a “what does this person need to know right now”.  I love the way this is turning out and how each Rune that I draw for people is exactly spot on and exactly what they need to hear right now.  It has encouraged me to start exploring reading with my Runes more often, and using them in spreads just as you would Tarot or Oracle Cards.

There’s a type of reading that you can do with Runes that you can’t do with cards.  It’s called a “Shake and Dump” reading.  You shake the bag of Runes, then dump them out onto a reading mat.  The mat is divided into sections depending of the type of reading you are doing.  There’s only one problem, I don’t have a Rune Casting Mat.  Well, I didn’t.  I do now.


I made this one today.  It’s double sided and about 10” square (25 cm).  The front is good for Past, Present, Future readings.  The back is divided into the directions North, South, East and West.  I have used colours associated with the elements that are associated with those directions according to my geographic location.  I plan on making larger ones, about 14” square (36 cm).  I am offering these up now so that people can order them and I can make them with the colours where the customer wants them.

If you’d like one, please head over to Earth Walkers and send me a message with your email address.

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