Thursday, May 31, 2012

Card of the Day


Card of the Day is from Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle of the Shapeshifters.  Words are from the accompanying guidebook.

You will have a series of coincidences where you seemingly stumble upon information that reveals what is the best action to take, who you can trust in the current situation, and where best to invest your previous energy and efforts.  There may be a darting red-gold movement seen from the corner of your eye, or a smile and shining brown eyes glimpsed through the window.  Japanese these may make their way into your life – for no apparent reason!  These are all signs that Kitsune is here to help you!  Kitsune often assume human form – so if you have a new neighbour with a ginger cat, a golden-coloured dog, or a red-haired new friend suddenly appears in your life, wonder if they may be your Kitsune at this current time!  You will know them by their strange behaviour (sniffing the air, high alertness, startled movements, and sudden action)!  They will ask you lots of personal questions, and prod and provoke your boundaries!  For the time they are assigned to you – and it is often unlikely that it is for the length of your lifetime – they will be true to you, in all ways.  They often are the go-between between Great Spirit, and we here in this realsm.  They are delightful, evasive, shy, friendly and full of mischief – and they will protect you by sharing with you the secrets they overhear.

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