Sunday, May 27, 2012



Our society has forgotten the Old Ways.  It has forgotten how to give without expecting anything in return, how to share with others the excess that they have, that all creatures are equal in the eyes of the Creator.

I look around at the society that I live in and I feel ashamed to be a human.  I look at the wanton destruction of Mother Earth around the world, the felling of trees, the mining of minerals and crystals/gem stones, the plundering of our oceans, and I feel sad.  Other humans are exploited so that we can have everything.  Well, one day there will be nothing left.  No trees.  No fish.  No clean water.  No humans.

What can we do?  We need to educate ourselves, and then spread that education to others as well.  A good place to start is with the Thrive Movie.  If you go to the website you can watch it online for free, or you can purchase the DVD or Bluray.  I have watched this movie and totally love it.  It’s more of a documentary.  It’s well researched and well put together.

We need to also not be afraid.  There is so many people that are afraid, everything they do is out of fear.  The opposite of fear is love.  This is how we are designed to live – out of love.  As we develop first love for ourselves, and then love for other people, we stop being afraid.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  If we are afraid, we attract more of that fear into our lives.  Fear stops us from moving forward both physically and spiritually.  When we love, we attract only love into our lives.  That removes all the fear and anxiety from our lives.

The more we occupy our heart, through meditation, positive visualizations, song, dance, etc, the more we raise our own individual vibration.  The more we raise our own vibration, the more we affect those around us and their vibration starts to raise.  The more we continue doing this the more the humans of this world will wake up and see what is going on around them.

This world will awaken from it’s slumber.  Those that seek to keep us enslaved will not win.  Many systems around the world are starting to crumble and very soon they will be destroyed.  This is nothing to fear.  It means we can start again.  We can create a system based on love and equality, rather than fear and inequality.

So, keep calm and harm none.  Namaste <3

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