Friday, June 1, 2012

Rune of the Day


Rune of the Day is Raido – words come from “Reading the Runes: A Beginners Guide” by Kim Farnell

Raido refers to travel and also the means of transportation.  It may signify a journey that is taken by necessity or one that is taken for pleasure, and if this is a literal journey, it will be safe, pleasant and enjoyable.  However, Raido can show a metaphorical pathway or road, which can be a way through a dilemma, a journey in consciousness or a change of view. It represents the “vehicle” or method by which you achieve an object or goal.  It allows you to channel your energies effectively so that they will help you.  Thus, the journey in question may be a journey of the soul, taken in order to bring about some form of healing.  Representing movement and motion, Raido symbolises travel and exploration, but it can also denote taking a new start, taking control, leadership and promotions.  This Rune suggests that this is a good time for negotiations and discussions and a time when it is possible to reach a compromise.  Depending on the surrounding Runes, it may indicate unexpected news or that this is a good time to buy or sell something of importance.  In modern terms, this might be a vehicle, a computer, fax, telephone or some other form of communications equipment.  Raido can refer to a quest and your destiny in following such a quest.  Decisions need to be made alongside an ability to see the larger picture, as it advises not to focus solely on your problems or become isolated from daily events but to take the wider view.

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