Monday, June 11, 2012

Rune of the Day


PERTHO – Words are from “Reading the Runes: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kim Farnell

Pertho’s primary meaning is that of initiation, of things that are hidden and unexplained and of the working of the fates, which leads to its association with the Nornir.  It points towards that which is beyond our powers.  Powerful forces of change are indicated, so at times it represents surprises, gains or rewards that you did not anticipate.  Being concerned with the deepest part of our being, Pertho refers to the bedrock on which our destiny is founded.  It can refer to transition or letting go of everything.  Those things that you know on an unconscious level can come into the light and help you to understand the higher meaning of things.  Pertho suggests the vagaries of chance that cannot be controlled.  It symbolizes the warrior who constantly tests himself against chance and luck.  Because of this, it also represents luck in action or any gamble or risk that is undertaken.  It represents the uncertainties of life and the interaction between your personal free will and the constraints of your circumstances.

Pertho is also the Rune of memory, recollection and of problem solving.  It shows an unexpected resolution to difficult situations.  As a Rune of mystery, it reveals hidden things and secret or occult abilities.  Its appearance often refers to the disclosure of some sort of secret.  In general terms, Pertho refers to mysteries, the occult, psychic abilities and revelation.  Tradition says that if this is the first Rune to appear in a casting, the reading should be aborted because any advice that follows will change the course of fate and anger the Norns.

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