Thursday, June 7, 2012

Card of the Day


Card of the Day is from Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle by Dr Steven D. Farmer.  Words are from the accompanying guidebook.

SEAGULL – “Now is the time for deep emotional healing”

The emotional sea that’s hovering just below your consciousness is a well of feelings that needs to be acknowledged and expressed.  Expressing emotions doesn’t mean indulging in them compulsively or creating drama around them.  If there are tears, let them simply be tears and allow them to flow.  Cry or laugh as much as you need to.  Explore these feelings by sharing them with someone you trust, or write about them in a journal, paying particular attention to the sensations in your body.  These sensations are clues to the layers of emotion that are just below the surface of your awareness.  By either talking or writing them down, you bring them into your awareness, find relief, and create an opportunity to release them.

Don’t let this be a theatrical exercise, one where you act or try to force yourself to feel something you’re not.  Make sure that you include a good dose of humour from time to time, particularly is you’re dealing with darker and scarier emotions.  It’s not necessary to cleanse the emotional and psychic scars that remain from earlier experiences too frequently, but now is the time to do so.  Should you find yourself starting to get lost in the whirlpool of traumatic memory, change the scenery by physically moving or intentionally distracting yourself in some way.  It isn’t necessary to cure yourself of the feelings associated with these memories all in one setting; instead, simply relieve some of the pressure that lurks below the surface.

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