Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rune of the Day


Rune of the Day is ALGIZ.  Words from “Reading the Runes: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kim Farnell.

As a Rune of protection, Algiz often tells of a fortunate new influence entering your life.  It also suggests that this is the right time to follow your instincts.  Friendships are in the forefront of your life now, and an old or new friend may offer assistance.  It may tell of an opportunity that someone will offer you.  Accepting the opportunity or offer can turn you in a beneficial new direction.  It may indicate that a guardian angel is hovering in the background.  Algiz indicates assistance and warning of danger, in addiction to indicating those people and places that will give you support.  It offers new opportunities and challenges, along with the emotional stability needed to cope with them.  Things may be turbulent at this time but it indicates that you are making progress.

Algiz symbolises resistant power and is the most powerful defense Rune.  It acts as a shield that can repel evil.  If you are sick, this Rune indicates the return of good health, and it can also signify friends and loved ones who help you to regain your health and strength.  There is a slight warning for you to look after yourself and not to wear yourself out on behalf of others or to allow lame ducks to drain you.

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