Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Card of the Day


Card of the Day – from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.  Words from accompanying guidebook.


Communication between beings, including people, animals and magical beings via the senses.  Incredible understanding between beings: soul-fusion and comprehension of meaning without a word being spoken.  You may have recently discovered that yu can often understand what another being has to say without them uttering a word.  Becoming more clairaudient, being able to receive messages that you “hear”.  Development of the chakras to do with hearing.  Becoming much more sensitive to sound.

Working with Gwynne and Elluish

Trust your dreams, intuitive messages, insights and visions.  Know you are receiving messages telepathically at this time.  Take heart if people do not understand where you are receiving information from.  If your friendships seem strange to older friends or family members, do not buy into their judgment.  Finding animals or other beings easier to understand than people.  Developing your intuition to a more subtle level, befriending animals, plants and looking to the natural world for love and support as much as you do the world of people and technology.  Letting go of unnecessary technologies.  Listening to the whispers of spirit and of the soul.

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