Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rune of the Day


Rune of the Day is URUZ.  Words are from “Reading the Runes” A Beginner’s Guide” by Kim Farnell.

Uruz is always concerned with some sort of beginning, the birth of something new and the end of one cycle and the start of another.  It represents challenges and everything concerning the unknown.  This Rune contains great creative power, it also represents free will and the ability to make decisions that can take you onwards into new circumstances.  It is a force for change and shows a time to take action.  Personal success could be at hand, and you need to be ready to accept the power that comes with it.  Uruz is the Rune of strength, good health and sometimes advancement in your career.  When included in a casting it can show that your dream or wish is coming to pass.  In some positions it can represent the male in a relationship.  Uruz represents a strong, masculine force of energy and assertiveness.

The appearance of Uruz suggests that you will soon notice an improvement in business and finances, although you have to work for these.  Although there are new challenges ahead, you will have the energy to work at them.  It is primarily a Rune of  good fortune, exciting events and success.  Uruz represents energy, passion, vitality, fertility and the unconscious.  It is mostly concerned with the natural and instinctive sides of our nature.  It also represents bravery, questing, initiation, challenge, untamed spirit, masculinity, stamina, independence, strength and action.  The outlook is particularly good for vitality and the return of health after a period of sickness.

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