Friday, June 8, 2012

Card of the Day


Card of the Day is from Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle.  Words from the accompanying guidebook.


Haste. Impulsiveness. Fire. Spontaneity. Balance.

This card says that wild creative energies are being brought to whatever position it represents in the card layout.  It often fires up the things that surround it (represented by other cards), energizing them as well.  It tells us that is it important to think and act creatively, and it says that the energy to do so is available.  New approaches are called for here.  Old ideas and old behavious will not do it.  Sometimes it may be useful to draw another card (or do an additional layout) to get some suggestions about what those new ideas might be.

Alternatively, Luathas may be telling you to go for something – NOW!   Sometimes it is important to take the risk of making a fool of yourself to gain something amazing and wonderful and miraculous.  Sometimes when Luathas says, “GO FOR IT! NOW!” it is important to do so.  And sometimes it isn’t.  If the only reason for caution is that you’re afraid of looking silly, it probably is time to go for it.

Remember, then, that you need to keep an eye on Luathas.  Don’t let him have control of your schedule or the accelerator in your car.  He always thinks going faster and taking chances is better, and sometimes he is even right.  Use sense and stay grounded, even while he takes you off on a flight of fancy.

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