Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rune of the Day


Rune of the Day is BERKANO.  Words from “Reading the Runes: A Beginner’s Guide” by Kim Farnell.

This Rune represents birth or rebirth and it is also often referred to as the “birth Rune”.  The birth in question might literally be the birth of a child, but it can also refer to the birth of an idea.  Berkano is considered to be especially powerful in women’s matters.  It is concerned with the power of woman, with birth and with regeneration.  It can be thought of as the family Rune, so it may refer to a happy family event.  Being associated with motherhood, it can relate to one’s own mother, but it is especially connected to the ideas of fertility and the care and nurture of infants and children.

Berkano represents new ideas, fresh starts and new projects – sometimes even a new romance, but whatever the new situation might be, it will be something that brings happiness.

New growth is also symbolized here; tenderness and compassion.  The new idea or project will need careful tending if it is to grow and develop, because if it is not properly attended to – like a neglected child, it will die off.  This Rune is strongly connected with the family and home.  It is also a Rune of co-operation and perhaps a nicer and more peaceful atmosphere within a family.  Berkano represents increased understanding and emotional stability.  It hints at hidden transformation, awareness and growth that may be attained after asking for spiritual help and guidance.

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